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Emíle and Mr. Weber

Emíle Durkheím
Emíle, largely regarded as the father of sociology, was born in 1858 to Jewish parents; his father, a rabbi. Emíle would become France’s most famous sociologist. He felt strongly as regards sociological method and that study and theory should lead to evidentiary facts. This respect for empiricism devoloped out of careful scrutiny of people’s beliefs and observing mass behavioral modalities (Scott & Marshall, 2005).
Anomie, one of Durkhem’s most developed concepts, refers to a collective feeling of loss of direction, a confusion that develops when people undergo rapid change and lose a sense of what to do.

This is interesting, because we see this occuring throughout history time and time again. The advent of steam ships, the cotton gin, the emancipation of slaves, American immigrant boom at the turn of the 20th century, effects of reserves upon Native American’s, and the recession of 2008; the list goes on. The feeling of anomie is dangerous, and thanks to Dr. Durkheim and those that followed, this concept has a name and we can combat its affect upon our neighbors and ourselves.

Max Weber
Max Weber, along with Durkheim, is regarded as a force that compelled sociology into authentic sciencehood. Similar to anomie, Weber studied disenchantment and rationalizing behaviors, stemming from ”the rise of capitalism and modernity” (2005:697).
People develop new opinions and outlooks in the face of change. Weber was a German, born in 1864 and lived until 1920. He And his generation witnessed rapid change.

In contrast to Durkheim, Weber was more interpretively driven; that inferences could be drawn from action. Weber expounded that there are no absolute values~that any social action can be pursued in a rational manner; as regards empiricism ”it cannot tell anyone what he should do~but rather what he can do~and under certain circumstances~what he wishes to do”, meaning that the way our world is organized (via our subjective lenses) does not mean that encompasses others’ reality (Bachman & Schutt, 2008).

Both of these great men did much more than this post suggests, of course; however, these few ideas hold many clues as to human needs and anxieties.

The RippleFX Foundation, as with most charitable organizations, works to shake loose anomie by helping small~businesses adapt, by assisting collegiate students fight economic strain; by reinventing the idea~less and socially~unconscious criminal culture, and by modeling prosocial behavior and promoting cultural memes via communication, exchange, and broader views through the eyes of others.

We will advance research in the areas which we operate; we will organize social action; we will lead policy development and share the journey with all of you.
Thank you

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Teaching the Importance of Prosociality

Recognition of Social Context
CBB 2ed. Cover
We do not ignore the expenses of removing people who have harmed others or who distract families via cycles of victimization: the costs of safety. What we do once we sequester criminals is of equal importance as most will return to live among us. Thus, educating incarcerated individuals~by introducing the power of education and stabilizing behaviors~must be done.

Through employment of our research~based interventions and publications, we emphasizes educating and calming inmate populations, reduce violence, and get to the core of the kinds of people they are, why they believe what they do, and who they truly desire to be. We introduce the details of responsible citizenship, we encourage healing and conscienciousness.

Our programs have training guides to facilitate their implimentation: if it works, we keep it going. We teach people a greater group of coping skills and new ways to learn.
We are not deluded in the belief that every person can benefit or be reformed; those that can be helped, will find some light from our programs.

Atty General, Eric Holder stated this month that corrections education is the greatest reducer of recidivism, (Council on State Governments’ website),

The attitude of inaction leads to evil, everyone suffers then. Visit our Criminal Justice page and please help us to help you.

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Please help us strengthen the community by assisting us in carrying out our mission.

Thank you.

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