Teaching the Importance of Prosociality

Recognition of Social Context
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We do not ignore the expenses of removing people who have harmed others or who distract families via cycles of victimization: the costs of safety. What we do once we sequester criminals is of equal importance as most will return to live among us. Thus, educating incarcerated individuals~by introducing the power of education and stabilizing behaviors~must be done.

Through employment of our research~based interventions and publications, we emphasizes educating and calming inmate populations, reduce violence, and get to the core of the kinds of people they are, why they believe what they do, and who they truly desire to be. We introduce the details of responsible citizenship, we encourage healing and conscienciousness.

Our programs have training guides to facilitate their implimentation: if it works, we keep it going. We teach people a greater group of coping skills and new ways to learn.
We are not deluded in the belief that every person can benefit or be reformed; those that can be helped, will find some light from our programs.

Atty General, Eric Holder stated this month that corrections education is the greatest reducer of recidivism, (Council on State Governments’ website),

The attitude of inaction leads to evil, everyone suffers then. Visit our Criminal Justice page and please help us to help you.

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