The Art of Christin Silva: On Metamorphosis in Three Dimensions


Rhode Island, a place not known for cutting-edge artistic movements, is home to an emerging artistic force, who morphs the things forgotten into magnificent three-dimensional works. We had the pleasure to discuss Silva’s imagination with her recently, what inspires her, what motivates her…Let us introduce her narrative and glowing works to you all.


Silva: I have always had an artistic side. When I was younger I watched my father complete pencil sketches, he was good at it, but never took it anywhere. My brother also has an artistic side, and has done graphic art professional​ly. I took an art course at Rhode Island School of Design and learned many things, but I know that my brother and father were both positive influences. Only recently – the past 5 years or so – is when I began working on my own styles and my own ideas of what I believe art is, as opposed to mimicking family artists or through instruction.

This image above, what I call Blow your Mind, is one of my first in recent collection. I created this and similar themes to challenge people to think for themselves. This is a mixed media piece, as all of my collages are, which includes acrylic painting, cloth, and wood framing.

Interestingly, I discovered this portrait of the old man, basically discarded at a flea market, honestly  just sitting alone in the back of this place. I can imagine that when he was alive he couldn’t have known his picture would end up being cut into art on my dining room table, nor in any flea market.
(My entire dining room is my art space) 😁.

As for my art/3D collage, it takes many, many layers. While I’m in no way trying to be political, some of my work cuts to the heart of the human condition. In a technology driven society, we tend to get disconnected through attachment to mobiles, technology, etc. and this distracts is from who we are as people sometimes. I like that theme.

I was invited twice to a Connecticut College to teach collaging to a group of special needs students. The students brought in pictures that were special to them; I brought in the supplies and personalized embellishments for each of them to use and held the class. I enjoyed  helping them create their own pieces. It was such a rewarding experience, sharing my craft that way.

This piece above, entitled Love Slave, is a fun poke at Frankenstein and his bride. I really enjoy culture from the period of black-and-white TV and art deco of the 50’s; women were viewed as lesser beings or objects, and were expected and also relegated to domestic duties. This theme is captured deeper in the following pieces.

In this piece, there is direct objectification of the women, which still occurs today, unfortunately. It’s metaphorically demonstrated by the robot and woman (The way men are so responsive to the “perfect” image of a female). I have a personal aside to these types of presentations which also relates to my creative energy, how it is augmented. (See gallery below).

A handful of years ago, I was much heavier than my current self. I looked toward gastric bypass as an option to reduce my weight. This was not an easy road for me, and I imagine similar struggles for others who accept this type of treatment. For me, I simply wanted to live a fuller and longer life and this realization made my decision to undergo GB easier.

A very small percentage of GB patients keep their lifestyles in check to fulfill what GB is supposed to. I have remained committed to living. It’s partially from my personal, and ongoing metamorphosis within this experience that I am beginning  to share myself through art. Women are strong creative beings and sometimes we forget this, or are talked into a different view of ourselves. I am happy where I’m going and realize now that art comes from within, and like people, a bundle of imperfect and ongoing expressive processes.

The two pieces below play off each other in a fun yet thought provoking way. The first depicts the role that women are stereotyped by men and society to – supposedly to be the domesticated goddesses of the home without any strength to be seen as equals with men in the working world.

The second image is my fun way of poking holes in that manner of thinking, by showing that women are stronger and more savvy than they are often given credit for.

The following image is a darker yet powerful depiction of how all of us, even in this day and age, are sometimes affected by depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges. I consistently witness people who struggle with these afflictions, they are mistreated by friends and family who often simply don’t know how to support them. This ignorance is a neglect and can negatively impact the sufferer exponentially. The feeling of loneliness, isolation, confusion and other damaging emotions are not dissimilar to how people felt when they were so harshly handled not so long ago. People with disabilities were often a shameful blemish on families and were committed to asylums and suffered horrifying treatments. Many were given unwarranted electroshock therapies, dangerous medications and lobotomies! It was atrocious maltreatment and something we should not forget. Our treatment of others causes a ripple effect in either a positive or negative way and is something we need to be mindful of. This is a piece I am personally proud of.

The following image, with robots, is a direct exclamation about how thinking for yourself is important, especially given the technology dependence, as I mentioned. The idea behind it is:  “Who is really the slave to technology?” Most can’t pull their gaze away from their cell phones to interact socially (one-on-one with others in the world. It reminds me that when we do that, we tend to behave more like robots,  being programmed by the internet, than autonomous beings interacting and learning from each other.

My current interest is to compile a collection to offer a local restaurant my art to place along its walls. These make great distraction for hungry customers to inspect while their food is being prepared.

The final piece I’d like to share here,  below, was a gift for my current doctors, who have really given me strength and hope throughout my post-op support. This is definitely a more livable experience, having adequate professional guides. Finally,  this image depicts change, metamorphosis, and expresses my feelings toward life: in three dimensions.






To know more about our featured artist, please visit her website, her Instagram page, or email her for special inquiries. Thank you, Christin!


SinisterUrge/S1N Alliance Leader/ Clash of Kings West 😁


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