SUCELY MARTINEZ: The Good Daughter and Her Pictures

Sucely, roughly translated as “your good daughter” in Spanish, was in her fifth and final year at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, pursuing a professional degree in clinical psychology, the last time we discoursed.

She once told me that when she was not studying people, she steals amazing moments of the sky, framed moments silent flowers, and lonely historic structures that mount age against colorful landscapes.  Sucely is a photographer of the human condition, capturing the heart, life, and unique activity of her culture. From the archives, I provide you a snippet of her Guatemala, a place where she offers her art and images of the vibrant life that surrounds her, in words and select photographs.


Sucely began her university studies seeking to become a formal teacher. However, she has always been interested in psychology, as well, and helping young people. While she discovered that being a teacher offered many enriching personal rewards, it would be psychology that became more appropriate to assisting others, and can do so on a deeper level – using a focused individual approach.

As for photography, Sucely has loved this art media since she was a niña (young girl). Back then, as s a child, she would travel a lot with her family (familia) and it was during those episodes she was able to see many places people usually cannot not see, in terms of Guatemala, and so the seeds for capturing them to share with others.


“I don’t take many pictures of the people because I feel doing so requires their permission and so I try not to terrify the natives with my camera.”





“Take for instance, La Cierra de Los Cuchamantes (pictured below), a will known mountain range, here. Just to obtain this image, I drove 8-9 hours and walked an additional 2 hours, just to snap that photo. Photography can be physical, too, at times, and the trips to take pictures another story.
“Professionally, I see myself counseling my people – one on one – but personally, I will forever try to capture the beauty that surrounds us, also” 😊




See more of Sucely, at:


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